The Non-Governmental Organization for Agricultural Marketing and Rural Development - FAGRICOM was founded in autumn 2005 by five senior professional consultants with headquarters in Skopje.
Today FAGRICOM is full grown, modern organization with more than twenty full or part time employed experts striving towards empowerment of farming population in the Republic of Macedonia.


Our vision

  • Improved agricultural production and increased productivity of farmers
  • Vibrant rural development driven by value-added agriculture
  • Protected environment


Our mission

  • To provide technical assistance to farmers and farmer's associations
  • To introduce modern cultivation practices, continuous monitoring of the production, use of high quality imputes and provide training to farmers
  • To promote contract farming and marketing of high-value crops by providing market demand information and establishment or reinforcement of linkages between the producers and buyers
  • To support relevant state institutions in preparation of agricultural plans and programmes
  • To ensure conservation of landscapes including natural and cultural heritage and sustainability of biological diversity


Core values

  • Meet the needs and desires of farming population in the Country
  • Respect and protect the environment
  • Practice high ethical standards
  • Assist in the production of high quality agricultural goods that are safe for consumption